Tuesday, 18 October 2011

# Occupy Vancouver: Day 2

The revised/updated sign preparations

Attempt to settle

Moving to "safer" grounds

Got toppled by the wind and,  into the water...
When moved ... toppled again!

Managed to get some attention/share artists concerns

(Favorite pic)

Definitely looking like it was "the day after"
This spot, on Sunday was...

this same spot on Friday.

GuS and LoLa (not sure about the Twins)
will definitely return during the protest 
to show solidarity and support

Saturday, 15 October 2011

#Occupy Vancouver prep II

Why aren't the media  NOT getting it"
Why are they baffled - as if it had nothing to do with them...

They were obviously busy waiting for "anticipated news events"

# Occupy Vancouver prep I

 Closing off the parking lot entrance.
Cerrando el acceso al estacionamiento.

 All appeared very quiet...
  Se lo sentia todo muy quieto

 There IS a padlock on the gate to front of the Vancouver Art Gallery...
Candados en el porton..

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

GuS & Lola found cozying up to local VIP's

First Public interactive appearance @ the Arts and Culture Open House and Celebration, where new Arts and Culture Map database/website was launched April 26 at White Rock Community Centre.

"Beach side" installation by Helen Fathers
White Rock (Acting) Mayor
New Arts and Culture Map

"Troublemaker" installation by Camille Owens
Collections and Exhibits Coordinator
White Rock Museum and Archives

"Troublemaker" installation by Camille Owens
Lola's close-up


 "Untitled" installation by Patrick Reynolds
Director, Semiahmoo Arts

Work in progress

"Here is looking at you babe" installation by Barbara Cooper
Board Member, Semiahmoo Arts

(Eyes on the back of the eyes... "watching it all")

"Contemplating clouds" installation by Heidi McCurdy
Vocalist - Coach - Songwriter

GuS "Looking for a way out" installation by Deirdre Gourdiaan
Facilitator, Fraser Region - BC Healthy Communities

GuS & Lola "At the beach" by Moi